2017 Events

2017 Events

The beginning of a New Year brings joy, celebration and hope for the New Year. One of the many traditions on New Year’s is to make resolutions. And depending on how you look at them they can be an exciting endeavour or a dreaded chore.

Regardless of opinion, here at Let’z, we made some resolutions of our own. And we are so happy to report that we are on track to making them a reality!

One of our main goals for early 2017 was to continue hosting events on a regular basis. Since our goal is to connect LGBTQ women together, events are at the core of what we do. But we realize that having sporadic events here and there just wasn’t enough. We wanted to bring you consistency; we wanted you to be able to count on us!

The era of a single annual party, one event a month, and poorly planned events that pack up all three days of a weekend and leave the remainder of the month blank is over.

We have been so fortunate in getting amazing, passionate, brilliant, and outgoing event organizers to join our cause this year. They’ve been hosting fun and creative events based on their interests, ranging from having a tour of a brewery, to a tour of the Canadian lesbian and gay archives, to going out for pre-drinks before queer slow dance, to a pub night at WURST.

What’s going to be different now however is that we will have a monthly event for each one of the four weeks of the month. Check out our list of permanent, monthly events:


First Sunday of the month
Let’z Book Club at Glad Day bookshop


Second Thursday of the month
Let’z Pool Night at Pegasus


Third Sunday of the month
An Activity based event (that changes location each month, so check our Facebook or Meetup pages for the update)


Fourth Friday of the month
Board Games at the Riddle Room

This list comes from the demand we saw for some of the events we’ve hosted in the past and some of the suggestions we’ve heard from our attendees. We thought this list gave a nice variety of events that caters to a fairly wide range of interests. Hopefully you are just as excited about these as we are!

We are always open to new suggestions on new events too! So don’t be shy, check out our website to share your thoughts!


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