A Look Back on Our First Year

A Look Back on Our First Year

This Fall season is a little special to us. Let’z is celebrating One Year Anniversary! That’s right! We’ve been around for a year already, and we celebrated at Striker! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Oh, we got a lot to celebrate, what a year it’s been: We’ve gone from hosting events every two weeks to hosting them every week; Our Pool Nights are more popular than ever, (seriously we pretty much take over Pegasus on Church on the 2nd Thursday of every month!); we made a funny video for our Indiegogo campaign; we have a monthly column at My Gay Toronto; InsideOut has named us a screening sponsor for a Date For Mad Mary during the Toronto Fest; and most of all we’ve helped LGBTQ women of Toronto form a ton of friendships along the way!

We’ve also made some friends of our own along the way: Cherry Bomb never fails to mention us whenever we have a pre-drinks event for their monthly party; Glad Day Bookstore has been extremely accommodating to us, even though they are busy beyond belief (they even sell our t-shirts in store, how awesome is that); Striker Sports Bar is always willing to host us and welcome us with open arms, we feel the love from these guys; InsideOut is always happy to help us out as best they can; We are also one of the sponsors for an upcoming HER event; not to mention all the cross-promotion and help we’ve received from INspired MediaIN Magazine and My Gay Toronto! They sure know how to make us feel special and supported within our community!

More importantly, we are grateful to our members. They are the ones who come out and have the best attitude! To walk into a room and feel welcome takes a loving and open-hearted group, and that’s just what we got! Coincidentally we reached 1,600 members in our meetup group, which is amazing! What’s more our numbers just keep growing, which means more people to meet and bigger events are in sight!

We have a lot planned for our second year and we are working hard to bring you a Let’z app. In the new year, Let’z is going to bring you even more events like our fun Karaoke nights, Ping Pong and a few others we have in the works. We are going to be taking some polls to get a better understanding of what you want to see from us. We will be putting up more content related to our community. And we’ll be launching a few initiatives for you to get your community better and to get to know our team! It’ll be a great year and we’re excited to get there!

A special thank you goes out to our Team though. Without them, none of this would be possible. Our event organizers are the bloodline of this organization and Let’z would not be where it is without them! Our developers are always working hard and spend plenty of hours to bring you the latest events within our community. We are so grateful to have such a passionate team!

Thank you all for making this such a success and we are looking forward to another amazing year!!!


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