Alex Matveeva

There’s a New Queer joint in Town!

Church street has long been dominated with queer-friendly spaces, but the west end, which has a big LGBT community, seems to be limited in that department. Well, not for long! There is a new Place that opened up that aims to change that, the Less Bar.

A Look Back on Our First Year

This Fall season is a little special to us. Let’z is celebrating One Year Anniversary! That’s right! We’ve been around for a year already, and we celebrated at Striker! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Pride Run: My Favourite LGBTQ Tradition

Pride and Remembrance Run is an annual 5km run/3km walk that takes place on Saturday morning of the Pride Festival Weekend. It was founded back in 1996 by three triathletes and, as it says on their website, “it was dedicated to partnering the themes of pride and remembrance with community celebration and personal achievement.” People […]

Community Spotlight: BoardAgain Games

Board games have made a comeback! Board game cafes are popping all the time it seems and none of them are without customers eager to play. Groups out there have started their own leagues, and even here at Let’z, Board Games Night is a monthly event. There is one group, however, that always captured our […]

Inside the CLGA

Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives (CLGA) is the largest independent LGTBQ+ archives in the world. Located minutes away from Church-Wellesley Village, it keeps true to its roots by focusing largely on Canadian content. On April 6th, CLGA has agreed to give Let’z a personalized, in-depth tour of their historic building at 34 Isabella St. and […]

Restaurant Review Thursdays: 7 West Cafe

7 West is a cute little hideaway that’s fairly easy to miss, though once you know where it is you’ll always wonder how anyone can miss it. Inside a 3-floor Victorian style house, it gives off the perfect mix of romantic and a little hipster vibe (in the best sense). On the very top, there […]

Restaurant Review Thursdays: Hair of the Dog

This spot is dear to our hearts at Let’z because the very first event we had was held here. We made a reservation for 15 people, expecting maybe 10 people to show up and we got 32 people to come out. It was great! We met some amazing women that night, a few of whom […]

2017 Events

The beginning of a New Year brings joy, celebration and hope for the New Year. One of the many traditions on New Year’s is to make resolutions. And depending on how you look at them they can be an exciting endeavour or a dreaded chore. Regardless of opinion, here at Let’z, we made some resolutions […]

Let’z Play Pool

Pool night is one of our most popular events. It has come a long way from the very first time we held it. Back in January 2015, we only had 5 people in attendance, but it still felt like a success, mainly because of all the fun we had. Now this event draws a crowd […]