Let’z Play Pool

Let’z Play Pool

Pool night is one of our most popular events. It has come a long way from the very first time we held it. Back in January 2015, we only had 5 people in attendance, but it still felt like a success, mainly because of all the fun we had. Now this event draws a crowd of 30+ queer women every month and we could not be happier!

Over the years, it brought a diverse number of people together and helped foster friendships, relationships and even business connections.

Although it can be a little intimidating attending your first meetup, all of us here at Let’z strongly encourage you to check this one out. There is no need to be an expert at pool, in fact you don’t even have to play, some of the regulars haven’t picked up a cue in months. You also do not need to drag one of your friends out with you, so as not to feel awkward. There are a number of event hosts who would be happy to introduce you to other people, encourage you to play, or just encourage you to watch a pool game. In fact, our organizers often look out for newcomers to greet them and make sure they feel welcome.

When you first come it might seem as though everyone knows each other and is segregated into groups; you will soon realize that many of the people in those perceived groups have actually just met. The atmosphere of this event is why so many members keep coming back. Women here are very friendly and are looking to relax, have a drink and maybe make a friend or two! It’s sort of like coming together for a cause, except the cause here is to meet new people, and have a relaxing night!

In case you still haven’t decided on whether to attend this pool night, or stay in and watch Netflix, here are some of the most common questions new members ask:

How will I find the group?
When you get to Pegasus, just head toward the last two pool tables out of the four and you will see a group of LGBTQ women hanging about. And if you’re still not sure, just ask if they are here for Let’z.

I don’t know anyone, will I be the odd one out?
Not at all! Most of the people you will meet at pool night did not know anyone the very first night they came, so they know the feeling and are all only happy to help! If you are still shy about approaching strangers not to worry, our Event Organizers do go around and introduce themselves! Usually when you’re new one of us will approach you first, but in case the Organizers are busy and you don’t know what they look like you can always ask someone who to look for.

What time does it start?
The event starts at 7:30 and there is always an organizer there at that time, so don’t be shy if you’re coming a little early or right on time.

How much is it?
The tables are free for our group, however we do strongly encourage you to buy at least one drink at the bar, whether it’s a $30 dollar glass of Scotch or just a pop is completely up to you!

When is/how often is Pool Night?
This is a monthly event that will be happening every second Thursday of the month with the exception of January 2017 (it’s on the 19th this month). But if you are ever not sure about the date check out our facebook events and the meetup page.

What is the age group of people who come to this event?
We really have the most diverse group of queer women. From university/college students to women nearing the retirement age. From artists and writers to lawyers and doctors. Everyone is welcome!

I don’t play pool, does that matter?
Not at all! Though there are people who come specifically to play pool with the group, there are a lot of people who just come to socialize. For example last time I played pool was about 4 months ago and I go to this event regularly. No skill level, no requirements and if your hands do not touch a cue all night no one will mind.


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