Restaurant Review Thursdays: 7 West Cafe

Restaurant Review Thursdays: 7 West Cafe

7 West is a cute little hideaway that’s fairly easy to miss, though once you know where it is you’ll always wonder how anyone can miss it. Inside a 3-floor Victorian style house, it gives off the perfect mix of romantic and a little hipster vibe (in the best sense). On the very top, there is a patio that’s just perfect for an “I want to stare into your eyes all night” date. If you’ll get to sit near the windows you will see adorable lace curtains that make it seem even cuter.

What’s more is that there is a little bit of everything on the menu. Although largely influenced by Italian cuisine, there’s also breakfast, sandwiches, and even burgers. A big bonus for vegetarians, as there are plenty of vegetarian dishes and even a few vegan, so it’s safe for that first date idea. At night this place is perfectly lit by candlelight with soft music playing in the background.

There is a fully stocked bar available but be careful, with the bottle of water, wine, and the dinner plates some of the tables are a little too small, so it might feel as though you’re playing real life Tetris just with circular shapes.

This spot is one of a kind for one main reason it’s one of the few places that has such a variety of food on the menu and open 24/7 at the same time. And did we mention dessert? They have cakes of all kinds and the wait staff is always eager to help you pick.

Price: $$ (Entrees between $11 and $25)

Location: 7 Charles Street West (just a couple of blocks south of Yonge and Bloor)

Type of food: Mostly Italian, sandwiches and wonderful dessert!

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: Yes

Atmosphere: Romantic yet cozy, with a hint of hipster

Type of date: This is a wonderful, romantic spot. It’s perfect for those “I don’t want this night to end” type of dates, and since the cafe is open 24/7, the night really doesn’t have to end.

Rating: 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈

They do have gender neutral bathrooms, that’s a huge plus. This place is the kind of place where you can come as you are! We’ve seen people dressed in business suits, cocktail dresses and plain hoodie with jeans. Because of its ambiance and wonderful, welcoming atmosphere we picked it as one that a queer woman can venture to outside of church street.

However because it is not wheelchair accessible, the sometimes small tables (though sometimes that can add to the ambiance, or to stealing your dinner friend/girlfriends food when they’re not looking) and the poorly lit staircases we will give them 4 rainbows out of 5.

What has your experience been like here?


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