Restaurant Review Thursdays: Hair of the Dog

Restaurant Review Thursdays: Hair of the Dog

This spot is dear to our hearts at Let’z because the very first event we had was held here. We made a reservation for 15 people, expecting maybe 10 people to show up and we got 32 people to come out. It was great! We met some amazing women that night, a few of whom come out to our events on a regular basis. I also have to mention that our waitress had the patience of a saint and handled our orders like a pro. That amazing event will live on in our memories for a very long time!

In addition to that great evening we had, the atmosphere in this bar/restaurant is pretty great and inclusive. You got a wide variety of beer and a well-stocked bar. In the summer the patio is cozy and gives a little bit of a relaxed/romantic feel; it’s very refreshing on a hot morning. This spot is pretty central, which makes it great for meeting up, especially if you’re going to party at Church and Wellesley afterward! The food they serve is best described as comfort food, ranging from nachos to fried chicken, but for you salad lovers they got a couple of options too. Best of all it’s one of the few sit-down restaurants near Church and Wellesley that also upholds an inclusive environment.

Price: $$ (Entrees between $11 and $30)

Location: 425 Church St (just a couple of blocks south of Church and Wellesley)

Type of food: Think comfort food and brunch

Wheelchair Accessible: No (though they say that part of their patio is, but only in the summer months)

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: No

Atmosphere: Cozy, maybe don’t go in pajamas but yoga pants are completely appropriate

Type of date: This place is popular for brunch, so thumbs up for a brunch date! But maybe not a first date idea.

Rating: 🌈🌈🌈🌈

The only reason why they are receiving 4 rainbows out of 5 is because they don’t have gender-neutral bathrooms, and they aren’t wheelchair accessible.

What has your experience been like here?


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